Eliane  Küpfer 

Arbeitsgruppe AG Steinfartz
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2006 – 2010 BSc in Biology, minor field of study Environmental science, University of Zurich, Switzerland

2010-2011 MSc in Ecology, Institute of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies,  University of Zurich, Switzerland

2011 Field volunteer for the “SOS Tartarugas” turtle conservation project, Cape Verde

2012 Field volunteer in the passerine conservation project of the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation, Mauritius

2013 Volunteer for a bird ringing project, Col du Bretolet, Vogelwarte Sempach, Schweiz

2013 PhD student, Institute of Zoology, Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany, DIP project


Research interests:

-       Conservation biology: Influence of environmental changes, habitat fragmentation and pollution on survival, dispersal and recruitment of species, with focus on amphibian species.

-       Disease ecology and influence of environmental changes on immune function.


Corina C. Geiger, Eliane Küpfer, Sämi Schär, Sarah Wolf, Benedikt R. Schmidt (2011). Elevated temperature clears chytrid fungus infections from tadpoles of the midwife toad, Alytes obstetricans. Amphibia-Reptilia 32: 276-280

Woodhams DC, Brandt H, Baumgartner S, Kielgast J, Küpfer E, Tobler U, et al. (2014). Interacting Symbionts and Immunity in the Amphibian Skin Mucosome Predict Disease Risk and Probiotic Effectiveness. PLoS ONE 9(4): e96375. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0096375

Segev, O., Polevikove, A., Blank, L., Goedbloed, D., Küpfer, E., Gershberg, A., Koplovich, A., Blaustein, L., 2015. Effects of Tail Clipping on Larval Performance and Tail Regeneration Rates in the Near Eastern Fire Salamander, Salamandra infraimmaculata. PLoS ONE 10, e0128077.

Hinckley, A., Goedbloed, D., Küpfer, E., 2015. First record of limb abnormalities in the Near Eastern fire salamander (Salamandra infraimmaculata). The Herpetological Bulletin 133, 2015: 36-37