Dr. Ariel Rodríguez 

Arbeitsgruppe AG Vences
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1991-1996 University of Havana, Cuba,  Bachelor in Biological Sciences
1998-2002 Masters Degree, Faculty of Biology, University of  Havana, Cuba
2001 IBRO fellowship, Universidad de Chile (Prof. M. Penna)

2002-2008 Ph.D. Student, Institute of Ecology and Systematics, Cuba
2007, 2008 GTI fellowship, Royal Belgian Museum of Natural History, Belgium (Prof. E. Verheyen)

2008-2010 Ph.D. Student, Institute of  Ecology and Systematics, Cuba - Institute of Zoology, Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany (Prof. M. Vences)

2012 Postdoc, Unit of Evolutionary Biology, Institute of Zoology, Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany (Humboldt fellowship, supervisor: Prof. M. Vences)


Research interests:

- Diversification of populations and speciation from the phenotypic to the genomic level: phylogenomics, next-generation sequencing, bioacoustics, phylogeography, and morphology (focus on amphibians and reptiles).

- Ecology and spatial distributions of amphibians and reptiles: species distribution models and physiological niche models of amphibians and reptiles.

- Conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity: identification and mitigation of threats affecting the survival of endangered species of amphibians and reptiles.



Peer-reviewed articles

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